Front Terminal Long life VRLA (CFL)

Applications : 

  • Telecom outdoor integration site.
  • Power systems.
  • UPS/EPS.
  • Emergency lighting Auto control system.
  • Solar/wind generating storage cyclic.
  • Other general purpose.

General Features :

  • Narrow structure and front terminal design, suitable for 19-inch and 23-inch standard cabinets.
  • High corrosion resistant performance: Pb-Ca multi-alloy grid.
  • Excellent charge acceptance ability.
  • Excellent deep cycle discharge capability.
  • Strong high and low temperature performance.
  • Precision sealing technology.
  • Long life.


ModelNominal Voltage (V)Capacity (Ah)LenghtWidthHeightTotal HeightTerminalsWeight(Approx)
CFL 12V100AH1210039415.511104.3328611.2628611.26MB31.068.30
CFL 12V125AH1212555121.691104.3328811.3428811.34MB40.589.30
CFL 12V150AH1215055121.691104.3328811.3428811.34MB45.099.20
CFL 12V180AH1218056022.051254.9231612.4431612.44MB53.5118.0
CFL 12V200AH1220056022.051254.9231612.4431612.44MB58.7129.0