CELNED Battery Monitoring Solutions

CM3000 Battery Monitoring Solution online Monitoring for Lead Acid, Ni – cad and lithium batteries With the battery monitoring solutions Celned offers advanced testing technology to reflect the performance of the battery.

The monitoring device is especially useful in industries which have high reliability requirements. The industries include railway, aviation, medical, telecom, banking, electricity and more.

The CM3000 monitor solutions are designed for stand-by batteries and offer a complete solution which consists of both the hard- and software. Due to its flexibility the monitor system suits all battery model and application.


  • Designed to allow IEEE1188 best practice
  • Battery sensors up to 254 blocks / 6 strings per system
  • Compatible for VRLA, VLA, Ni-Cd and lithium battery
  • Monitoring individual block voltage, internal resistance & temperature; string voltage & current; ambient temperature
  • All parameters measured continuously & automatically
  • 24 / 7 alarm notification – All alarm settings editable by user – Alarms for bloc V and, temperature, string V, current, plus system diagnostics – Detailed, specific including 13 types of alarms information – to bloc level – Limits to match all states – Float / Charge / Discharge
  • Automatic data logging and analyse gives historic over battery lifetime
  • All events and alarms stamped to start time and ending time
  • A graph showing best and worst performing block in a battery
  • Automatic & Manual measure individual block internal resistance daily
  • Individual bloc voltage – all measures simultaneously every 4 seconds, with 0.2% accuracy.
  • 3000VDC optical isolation at battery to ensure the safety with the battery

BM3000 Accessories List

Battery Sensor (R-Sensor)

  • One R-Sensor per block
  • Measures the individual block voltage, internal resistance, temperature
  • R-Sensor Voltage Measure Range from 1.5V to 18V
  • When the UPS isn’t available, the R-Sensor will go into abstandby sleep mode for saving battery power.
  • DIN-Rail Mounting
  • 3M Tape for installation
  • Fire protection design

Current Detector (I-Sensor)

  • One I-Sensor per Bank/Stringhttps://www.kanphob-design.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/BM3000-Accessories-List-rv1.png
  • Measure the bank/string current
  • I-Sensor Current Measure Range from 0A to 1000A
  • Connected to a Hall Current Transformer
  • 3M Tape for installation
  • Fire protection design

Control Module (CM)

  • Communicates with up to 254 R-Sensor per CM
  • 6 Bank/String current transducer
  • RS232, RS482 & Ethernet port connection
  • Output dry contracts.
  • All Alarms setting
  • Checking the real time Data
  • Day or Year History data checking
  • Automatic & Manual test the individual block internal resistance

CELNED Software

  • Easy graphical analysis
  • Real Time data display
  • 24/7 alarm notification
  • Alarm classification in details, record the process.
  • Storage and analysis the battery history
  • Custom export the report or data


  • R-Bus Converter (Optional)
  • Cables & Washers
  • Hall Current Transducers


  • Standby VRLA and flooded batteries
  • UPS: Data Centres, hospitals, air traffic control
  • Railway and trackside equipment
  • Telecom DC system and infrastructures (mobile)
  • Power Generator& distribution
  • Critical Production process plant (semiconductors)


  • Plan battery replacement
  • Extend Battery Life
  • Reduce Downtime Risk
  • 24/7 Battery Condition Monitoring
  • Better Planning of Maintenance intervention
  • Easy Installation and Commissioning