The CELNED HR battery has a design life of 5 years and is developed for applications where high-power output and light weight is required. The CELNED HR series can deliver up to 40% more power.

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The general purpose CSL battery CELNED VRLA has a design life of 10 year +. The CSL batteries are widely used and have a proven track record throughout the industry. Most common applications are for UPS AC and DC systems installed in large battery banks.

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CELNED Industrial Battery (CIB)

The CELNED CIB Industrial VRLA is a SLA battery recognized for its high reliability and durability. The CELNED CIB is available in special designed racks with a small footprint to safe floor space. High quality design ensures a long service life. The CELNED CIB confirms to a 20 year plus designed life.

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CELNED Battery Monitoring Solutions

CM3000 Battery Monitoring Solution online Monitoring for Lead Acid, Ni - cad and lithium batteries With the battery monitoring solutions Celned offers advanced testing technology to reflect the performance of the battery.

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CELNED-Li / Lithium Iron Phosphate

CELNED lithium Ion battery or LiFePO prismatic cell-based back-up systems are especially designed to back-up mission critical applications. Characteristics like high peak currents up to 2C and fast recharge capability makes CELNED-Li systems the ideal battery for UPS and DC back-up.